Teaching Strategies - change teacher requests

Photo Credit: Teacherhub.com

Teachers sometimes receive requests from parents, for their child to switch teachers. It’s important for these requests to be handled appropriately. Janelle Cox from About.com and teacherhub.com explains how this can be done by utilizing several basic teaching strategies in her article titled Teaching Strategies to Deal with Switching Teacher Requests.

She says, teachers must remember that the request is a reflection of the child’s learning abilities, rather than a reflection of their teaching abilities. Additionally, teachers need to maintain professional composure when working with parents making these requests, including resisting the urge to be defensive.

Additionally, teachers in this situation must also work to focus on the positive and recognize the good in their achievements, not let the situation demoralize them or disable them from the rest of their teaching duties. These definitive teaching strategies skills can establish the distinction between being perceived as responsible and caring, or aloof and uncooperative.

In place of taking this personally, teachers need to just learn to receive it and to always be themselves.  Teachers need to realize that they are doing their best and that should be sufficient.

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Teaching Strategies to Deal with Switching Teacher Requests