Integrating technology with the classroom environment can kick start learning, but poses unique challenges in the youngest students. The kindergarten through second grade in particular need guidance to ensure that iPads facilitate education and don’t detract from the learning environment.

Avoid common pitfalls with this guide containing a variety of resources and teach strategies, whether the class has access to one iPad or one per student. Included are links to apps for early education learning and apps that include common core standards. These most useful for a classroom with a 1:1 iPad student ratio to more concrete apps designed to facilitate the educator in a class with only one iPad but it can also be used with just one ipad in a learning center. In addition to useful apps the article also gives resources on Best Practices and activities to do in the classroom using iPads as well.

Smart use of the iPad can enhance the policies set in the Common Core as and building foundations using interactive modalities. Thanks to Edutopia for such a useful article!

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Resources for Using iPads in Grades K-2

Photo credit: Amanda Golden via flickr (CC BY 2.0) / Edutopia