Teaching Strategies - Best Way to Praise

photo by: teachhub.com

TeacherHub has a great article this week on how to use praise to foster a growth mindset.

Teachers enjoy giving their students compliments or praise. But researchers have learned that they need to praise them a certain way so that the students will learn a “growth mindset”, which is a mindset that supports an emphasis on the process rather than on intellect or ability.

For example, if I tell Jessica that “you are so smart!” I am praising her IQ and not for the great work she has done. If Jessica relies solely on her IQ, she won’t put any effort into school.  And when school work becomes difficult, she won’t know how to work through it and ask for help.

So as teachers it is important to praise the deed and not the child. Children can’t change who they are, but they can change how hard they work. So instead of saying, “you’re so kind” say something like, “great job being so kind to Johnny on his first day of school”. Habits can be hard to break, but if all teachers took the time to compliment and praise their students this way, they would see great change. Students will strive for more as they strengthen their ability to persevere. Kids will be better able to push through any obstacles in life.

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