Techniques to Encourage Self-Management in Your Students

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There are great techniques available to encourage self-management in students. With such a high demand on teachers these days, it can become overwhelming with all the tasks they are required to do, and of course kids need to be more involved with the process of learning.

The solution to helping teachers is realizing that it could be time to take classroom management off the teacher’s plate. By turning classroom management away from being teacher-centered into a more student-centered managing of the classroom, the teacher not only gets some of the burden off their shoulders, but it also helps to make the students more active in their own learning environment.

Did you know that one of the best techniques for management is engagement?

Simple tasks like creating agreements with students so that they are clear of the classroom expectations, and having time management logs go a long way into having students be in charge of their own learning and time.  Flexible seating will also allow students to work in their own way, causing less time to be lost due to student discomfort.  It is also important to have students be part of their own goal setting that way students have a clear idea of where they will need to be and can adjust their behavior accordingly.

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