With summer winding down, many children are stuffing in all of the outdoor hours that they can. After the long summer, they might be a bit bored with the normal routine of outdoor activities. Outdoor games can be fun for the kids. Today, we will highlight a fun, outdoor game for the kids to play.

Animal Wall decals

The Animal Game is a fun game that will tire out your little tikes. The game is easy to play. The game must be played by large group of children. Explain these simple rules to your children. They will have fun playing this game for hours.
The Animal Game:
You need at least 10 children playing, including a caller. All the players must first line up in front of the caller. The caller whispers an animal name to each player in the game. Once all the names are given out, the caller gives them ten seconds to run around. After, the caller starts calling animals out. When the caller calls an animal that person has to run from everyone and all the other players have to tag that person to get him or her out.

The caller does not have to wait until the person is out to call the next animal. The call can call another animal before or after the person is tagged. This goes on until there are only two players left. The remaining players must go to a designated area with boundaries. If they step or are tagged, they are out. The last one standing is the winner. The winner will be the caller in the next game.