Sometimes sitting your child down to study can be quite the little hassle. It can be even more difficult when the child just had a full day of school. Making studying into a game is a great, effective way to aid your child’s learning process and refresh their brains… plus, games are fun! The following game is great because it can be used for just about any subject. But for explanation’s sake, we will use math as an example.
To add to the theme of the game, a Numbers and Shapes Rug would be quite fitting. It may also act as an aid to your pupils answers.
This game is great if you are a teacher with a classroom full of kids, or even if you are a parent with one child. You as the parent/teacher will stand as the pitcher. Just as the rules apply for baseball, they will apply for the game. Your “pitch” will be a math problem. For example, you say, “4+5.” The batter, your child, will then “swing” by answering the problem. If they get it right, they move up a base and they continue around the bases as they would in baseball. If they get three problems wrong before making it “Home,” then they are out.
If you and your child are playing one-on-one, if they get three wrong answers and become out, switch positions with your child. Allow them to pitch you math problems. This is a fun and creative way to get them involved and active. As mentioned before, you can use any subject to play with.