Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot get toddlers to interact with one another without a little bit of coaxing. Even if one child is willing to play and socialize with others, there may always be one or two in a group that just want to sit on the sidelines for a while. When you have a first play date planned for your child along with one or more children, you might want to think of having a couple of toys handy that will promote interaction as well as socialization.

While crayons and crafts are wonderful, sometimes it takes a little more to get kids on the path to making friends and playmates. At toddler age, it can also be a bit difficult to find a way to get children to share with one another, since this is a trait that they really have not had too much experience with as of yet. Having a toy or collection of toys that can be used by multiple children at once could be the best move you ever make with a first play date.

The Brick Me Building Set is a great choice for toddlers, especially when they like to put together colorful pieces in stacks and patterns. This is a nice set of large blocks made from plastic, which makes for easy handling and plenty of ways to build, share and interact with one another. Having such a set of blocks on hand could make life easier for any parent that would like to enjoy a memorable play date with their children.