It can be hard to find comfort in a hospital bed no matter what age but this autism therapy dog is making it a little easier.


Autism Animal Therapy

For a child with autism, the experience can not only cause discomfort, but it can be horribly frightening as well. Luckily for James Isaac, he gets to have the company of a very special friend named Mahe.

therapy dog autism

Photo Credit: ABC NEws

Mahe is James’ assistance dog and is allowed to accompany James with him to many places including the hospital. While touching and being around people can make him uncomfortable, James is able to find a great deal of comfort in his dog. Recently Mahe helped James to keep calm during a trip to the Wellington Children’s Hospital where he had to undergo an MRI. Staff were in awe of the special bond.  Mahe is truly a loyal friend that has changed James and his entire family’s lives.

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