Tips for Therapists to be Heard

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When you are in a meeting about a child, and you have important information that you need to share with others, there are great therapy tips to ensure your ideas are being heard and understood. Claire Heffron shares some truly awesome tips for therapists on how to maximize communication with parents and teachers to ensure that their message is heard and their strategies and ideas are understood and implemented.

Getting and feeling understood is a common challenge for therapists, especially when they’re consulting with a parent, a teacher, or a member of your team. It is not only about the nature of the information you share, it is also about how accessible the information will be for your audience.

How can you ensure that when you’re consulting with a parent or a teacher, you’re actually being heard and understood?

To begin with, don’t use big fancy words or drone on and on, or you are likely to lose your audience. Advocate for yourself and your ideas while offering printed information for everyone to take home.  Make sure your timing is good for everyone and that you are a acting as a good role model.  Implementation of these practical strategies can really help improve the success of your group communications and everyone will feel heard.

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