There are a bunch of different fitness activities that can be done in the classroom settings. Depending on the type of teacher that is teaching, there are a ton of different things that can be done. A lot of students, of all ages, like to stay active and really fit during the day. You are a product of what you do and if you are forced to exercise during class, then that could be really beneficial for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Students can stand next to their desks rather than seat. To answer a question, they should jump rather than raise their hands.
  • Students tell the correct answer to a math problem by jumping on the correct answer on numbers written on a mat.
  • Ask students to act out the actions in stories you will read out. They should be ready before you read out the stories.

“Getting active in the classroom will help students improve their health, their focus and ultimately their academic performance.”

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