Children acquire new skills easiest and learn the fastest through play. Whether it is one on one or in a group, fine motor skills can be learn ed and practiced through creative play.
For the development of fine motor skills, the Developmental Play Cube is a winner. This clever toy encompasses the tools to help your children both manual dexterity and self-dressing skills. The cube is very soft as it is constructed from vinyl-covered foam. There are zippers to zip, buttons, laces the lace through eyelets and practice tying bows and knots as well as Velcro and snapping closures. One fun game a group of children can play would be to choose a side of the cube with laces, snaps and velcro and then lace, snap and attach to see who can accomplish this the fastest. Use either a kitchen timer to give a time limit to get the tasks done for younger children or a stopwatch to see how fast each child is.
The Developmental Panel is another great toy for helping your children’s manual dexterity skills grow. With each use they will acquire more and more skills for using buttons, zippers, lacing and velcro – all necessary skills for self-dressing.