Parents, don’t let your children fall behind over the long summer break. Get them started learning early so they can “stay ahead of the game.”

With the Traceable Wooden Alphabet Puzzle by TAG Toys you can help your children be ready for that first year of school. This great product allows you teach your children several very important things at an early age. The learning goals of this product are:
  • Shapes of the letters
  • Developing the writing and drawing readiness skills of muscular movement
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Mental image imprinting
TAG Toys makes their products in California to the exacting standards that the sunshine state demands. Durable as well as educational, the surface of each of the letters is made out of laminate that allows your child to write on it with chalk and can be easily erased. Your child can easily trace over each letter with the dotted guidelines that are placed in the center of the letters. This product is great for children age three and over. Once your child has learned the uppercase letters, we have the same product for lowercase letters.