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Waiting Room Solutions
Waiting Room Toys make waiting fun for kids

Waiting room solutions and waiting room design for kids has come a long way in recent years. We started SensoryEdge as a response to spending so much time in waiting rooms while waiting for medical professional to care for our eldest son. We know first hand what a big difference inviting design choices in a waiting it room can make in the lives of kids and their families. A comfortable space, with kid-friendly decor makes waiting a lot easier. Having waiting room toys for kids to play with is essential to decrease a child’s anxiety and to help parents stay calm while waiting to see the doctor or dentist.

When SensoryEdge launched in 2003,  waiting rooms solutions for kids typically consisted of a single toy in the corner of a drab waiting room designed for adults. Today we are happy to say that hospitals, doctor’s offices, and dentist offices around the world are taking up the challenge and bringing waiting room design to a new level.

Waiting Room Design – Not Just Waiting Room Toys

We have collected some wonderful examples of kid-friendly waiting areas that not only have toys and kid size furniture but also many examples of wonderful thoughtful modern design that represents what we have come to expect in healthcare facilities, doctor’s offices, and dentist offices in the 21st century.

If you came to this page looking for our collection of Waiting Room Toys, Activity Tables, Wall Toys, or Waiting Room Furniture you can get to the SensoryEdge Waiting Room Toys and Furniture Page here.   If you want to see some great design ideas for waiting rooms please read on. 

Chippenham pediatric playroom - Cathy Green Interiors
Chippenham pediatric playroom – Cathy Green Interiors

Photo Credit: http://cathygreeninteriors.com

The Chippenham Pediatric Playroom designed by Cathy Green Interiors is the epitome of a kids waiting room  done right. They have incorporated Activity Tables, Wall Toys, Kids Table & Chairs into a well designed waiting area that doesn’t make the adult furniture feel out of place.

waiting room toys pediatric dentist
Sanders Pediatric Dentist in Lake Charles LA provides lots of fun activities for kids as they wait.

Photo Credit: http://www.sanderspediatricdentistry.com

Dr. Sanders Pediatric Dentistry really went all out with their kids waiting room. They not only included a full size Activity Cube and Activity Table they also provided a kid size furniture with a book display built in so little ones would feel comfortable and have the option of a reading activity while they wait. Sanders Pediatric Dentistry took their design one step further by adding a fun theme with murals and 3 dimensional art that makes their waiting room a place that kids will love to come to again and again.

Extreme Waiting Room Toys Makeover
Extreme Waiting Room Makeover – Wild About Smiles Pediatric Dentist Office Will Wow Any Kid at Any Age

Photo Credit: wildaboutsmiles.com

If there was an Extreme Makeovers – Waiting Room Toys Edition the designers over at Wild ABout Smiles would take the prize. They not only have some of our favorite activity toys but they have a huge life size elephant model coming out of the wall, a slide where kids come out of a totem poles mouth, and a complete tiki motif that will have kids giggling and enjoying their dentist visit each and every time.

Pediatric Hospital Waiting Area
Renown’s Children’s Emergency Waiting Room in Reno NV

Photo credit: Renown.org

The redesign of the Renown Children’s Emergency Department  by Wikoff Design Studio is a beautiful example of modern pediatric waiting room design. The subtle use of calming colors combined with fun activity cubes and wall mounted toys creates a warm and inviting place for kids and their families to wait for their turn with the doctor.

Activity Cube Dayton Children's Hospital
Calming Blue & Green Circle motif at Dayton Children’s Hospital

Photo Credit: childrensdayton.org

Dayton Children’s Hospital took two elements – color and shape – and combined them to make a calming waiting area for kids. The circular theme of the furniture and calming muted blue and green motif make it a truly lovely environment. They added wall toys, activity tables (not pictured) and activity cubes give kids something to do while they wait which has been shown in studies to decrease anxiety of both kids and their parents.


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