Do you have waiting room with a lot of children running around? If so, Wall Toys are a great solution to keep active kids busy. Wall toys take up a small footprint and keep kids congregated into an area away from others while keeping your waiting area buzzing with happiness. Activity wall panels are funs product that will surely keep all the children entertained.

Hands on Wall Toy will provide a finger painting experience for children. Because there is no messy clean-up involved, your staff and parents will love this product. Featuring heat-sensitive film technology, this item can be kept clean with a disinfectant spray cleaner. The durable surface makes this great for all ages!
This great toy will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. It will allow children to express themselves like never before. The heat-sensitive surface changes colors when children place their hands on the surface. This requires no markers or crayons, so once again this means absolutely NO mess!
This is great for places like doctors’ offices, waiting areas found in car dealerships, museums, and libraries.