Ways to Develop Mutual Trust Between Teachers and Students

photo credit: smartclassroomanagement.com

With the new school year beginning, it is crucial to find ways to develop mutual trust between teacher and student.  It can be challenging to build trust in the classroom. Don’t think that just because you can easily build trust with adults, that it will be as easy to build with your students.

Every little dishonest thing that the teacher does, whether it’s overlooking naughty behavior or flat out fibbing to her students, can be detrimental to the classroom. Children are more intuitive than we realize.

Did you think it’s okay to tell students little white lies so they feel better about themselves?

It’s as simple as doing what you say you’ll do, and being honest. Have integrity. Start the year by being honest with your praise and criticism. Don’t say you’ll do something that you know you won’t do.  For instance, don’t promise you’ll read a book if you know there won’t be time to do so.  And don’t tell a child that their answer is right if it’s not.

Being trustworthy will make every facet of your classroom management easier and more peaceful. This one simple step will set the stage for a good year.

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