As a parent, it is your job to display healthy eating habits around your children so that they have the motivation to model these balanced behaviors. Cutting back on sugar is hard with so many sweet treats that we reach for throughout the day, but taking simple steps can allow you to rid your diet of high sugar content. One method is to start by looking for 100% whole wheat cereal varieties instead of opting for those that have high fat and sugar content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sugar consumption in excess leads to dental carries and one too many pounds, even for active children.
  • One way to impact the amount of sugar consumed by your kids is to model a lessened intake as a responsible adult and parent.
  • Some products that are notorious as sugar stockers are sauces, cereals and seemingly healthy snacks, such as granola.

“According to The American Heart Association, no more than half of your daily intake of discretionary calories should be added sugars.”

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