What to do When your Child is Depressed
photo credit: blog.childrensdayton.org

You never thought you’d think it but you’re starting to see your child seems a little down.  There are things you can do when your child is depressed.  This article lists some aspects of childhood depression such as thought patterns, feeling patterns, and behavioral patterns that might be helped using a technique called “Behavioral Activation.”

What is behavioral activation?

Therapists trained in this technique help kids understand that how they think is coupled with what they are doing. Therapists then teach kids to change what they are doing and this may change how they are thinking and feeling.  Basically, teaching them to focus on behavior instead of feelings.

The author of this article, Dr. Ramey, mentions that parents often do not understand why their children are depressed, given that the parents themselves are loving and do their best in parenting. This article summarizes behavioral activation and then refers the reader to search for a therapist themselves who is trained in this technique if they wish to use this therapy for their own children.

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