10 Fun and Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

Can you feel the spring in the air?  Are you looking for some spring activities for kids?  Well, I am so excited to show you a great selection of spring crafts for kids.  And since I’m not the craftiest person around, these are definitely going to be very simple spring craft ideas.

Paper Towel Butterfly 

papertowel butterfly

This is a fun spring craft that is also a lesson in water absorption, and you’ll love the beautiful colors!

Spring CD Chick 

Spring Craft CD Chick

Birds on a Wire

Spring Craft: Bird on a WireA fun and fine motor challenging springtime activity for kids.

Aluminum Foil Butterfly

Spring Craft: Aluminum Foil Butterfly

Make these bright and cheerful butterflies to use as a magnet or as part of a mobile.

Baby Bird and Nest

Spring Craft: Birds in a nest

Springtime and baby birds go together to make the perfect spring craft for kids.

Tulip Painting

Spring Craft: Tulip Painting

 To bring the season indoors this fun spring activity is great for both toddlers and preschoolers.

Hand Print Baby Chick

Spring Craft: Hand Print Baby Chick

Adorable and uncomplicated. This hand print art is a perfect springtime activity for kids.

Caterpillar Craft

Spring Craft: Caterpillar

Charming caterpillars are a springtime craft that is so easy for kids to create.

Bunny and Chick Party Hats

Spring Craft: Easter Bunny and Chick Hats

How cute are these hats?  And so simple to do.

Craft Stick Flowers

flower sticks

Here’s a quick and colorful spring activity. It takes so little time, why not make more than one and create a garden.

If you want your kids to have “spring” in their step, make sure they are having fun with these spring craft activities!

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