13 Tips for Bringing Cafeteria Recycling to Your School

Starting a recycling program for your school’s cafeteria can save pounds of plastic and cartons from ending up in landfills, but there are some tips you should follow. First, you need to do research on which type of packaging and waste are allowed to be recycled. Custodial staff will need training on this so they know what can be recycled and what belongs in the trash. Next, you want to place recycling bins next to the trash bins and clearly label them so students know which one to use. Keep the openings of the recycling bins small, so unwanted trash items cannot be inserted into them. Lastly, get students involved by holding fun contests, naming recycling ambassadors, and being receptive to any new recycling ideas they come up with it. Showing your own excitement for the recycling program is sure to make it a success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Talk to your food service providers and custodial staff before you start a recycling program.
  • Put the recycling bins and garbage bins next to each other because lazy people won’t want to walk across the room to put stuff in a different bin.
  • Your recycling program can be extended beyond the cafeteria and into the classrooms.

“Recycling in the cafeteria is a quick way to collect a lot of items, but it’s only a start. At Marti’s school, the cafeteria serves as an important hub and collection spot.”

Read more: https://www.weareteachers.com/cafeteria-recycling/