Do you need some fresh and easy ideas for Easter crafts?

We sure did so we took a cruise around the web and found these 5 fun springtime crafts for kids. We thought you might like them too.


Tissue Paper Rainbow


Easter Craft: Tissue Paper Rainbow

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Kids love rainbows and because this project is so easy to make and needs very little supervision, it would be perfect for kids to make at a rainbow themed birthday party.


Spring Flower Butterfly


Spring Craft: Spring Flower Butterfly


This is a fun and super easy butterfly for the Spring season.  Kids will love creating this cute craft.



Spring Windchimes


Easter Craft: Spring Windchimes

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Do you love decorating the yard?  These homemade wind chimes will look awesome blowing in the wind.



Handprint Flowers


Easter Craft: Hand Print Flowers

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Hand print artwork makes the most adorable keepsake.

Edible Spring Flowers


Easter Craft: Edible Spring Flowers

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Admire your creative work and then  EAT IT!!!