20 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Pickleball

It’s always great to see kids playing a sport that they love. Pickleball may be new to your kids, but this is a sport that they would enjoy! Pickleball is suitable for pretty much all ages. If you are trying to find a sport for your kids, then Pickleball might be the way to go.

1. Easy to Play
Unlike tennis, Pickleball is a racquet sport that is easy to learn and play. Literally, you can learn and play a full a game of Pickleball on your first day. The more kids play the game, the easier it is to build and improve their skills.

2. A Family Sport
As mentioned above, the game is excellent for all ages. Pickleball is great to play with the family. Your kids can play with their parents, grandparents, or cousins. You name it! It is a chance for a great family bonding that usually doesn’t happen due to busy schedules.
The best part about this sport is that children get to play outside with all generations of the family. This is, also, a great activity to play during family events or parties since you can improvise a court in your backyard.

3. Breaks Up the Monotony
Pickleball is such an exciting game for everyone to try out. It is an excellent activity for recreation, and it is different from regular sports. Children could potentially learn how to strategize in unusual scenarios; for instance, playing with older people. Take a ten-year-old and a fifty-year-old playing against each other, of course, each one has their strategy. It is a big difference in age and a big difference in the way that they work towards winning the game.

4. Affordable Equipment
Unlike other sports, the equipment that you will need to play Pickleball is not expensive. The basic equipment that kids would need is paddles, balls, and shoes. The price for the balls can be less than $10, while the paddle may range from $20 to $150. In the beginning, kids could use regular shoes and buy more appropriate ones later on.
The court, on the other hand, can be improvised in any flat surface. If you want your kids to play the sport anytime, anywhere, then purchasing a portable net and doing the lines with tape is the way to go. This is an excellent sport that your kids will enjoy and would not hurt your wallet!

5. Smaller Courts
Pickleball courts are less than 1/3 of a tennis court. And if we take into consideration the type of balls used (which are slower), this translates on points and rallies lasting longer, compared to tennis. Therefore, it’s easier for kids to learn the game, as well as to have fun, even as beginners.

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