Sensory Smart Activities

The Dizzy Disc

Children love to run around and play. They also love to go around in a circle and make themselves dizzy. On swing-sets, they will go round and round in circles until the swing is all twisted up and let go. They will spin and spin until the swing is back to normal. They might even get their hands on a stool and sit on the seat and spin. […]

Sensory Smart Activities

Spellmaster Wood Teching Toy

Teaching toys are a great way for your child to experience educational fun. Here at we are proud to offer you the Spellmaster Wood Teaching Toy. This unique teaching toy allows your child to […]

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Basketball Theme Step Stool

Basketball season is here. Many of your little ones love to shoot hoops in the driveway or enjoy the sport on television. They also love to help you around the house. With this in mind, […]

SensoryEdge Waiting Room Ideas
Waiting Room Toys

Educational Waiting Room Toys

Waiting Room Toys The flu season is right around the corner. As we all know, children are especially susceptible to colds and the flu during this time of year. If you work or own a […]

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Sensory Smart Activities

Pumpkin Carving

With Halloween around the corner, many of you will be picking up pumpkins for you and your children to carve. Although this is a fun-filled activity for you and your child, there are safety measures […]

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Sensory Smart Activities

Halloween Cereal Balls

With Halloween around the corner, you may worry about your child’s intake of candy and other sugary treats. Obviously, kids love to fill the trick or treat bags with candy. While the candy bag fills, […]

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Child Development

Children and Vegetables

How do you get your child to eat vegetables? This is the age-old question that never seems to have an answer. It is quite common to see a plate in front of your child with […]

City Heroes Wall Toy by SensoryEdge
Kids Waiting Room Ideas

Wall Toys

Redecorating your professional office, child’s bedroom and playroom can be an experience full of laughs and joy. Incorporating your child into the redecorating process is where all the fun comes into play. Let children express […]

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Sensory Smart Activities


Puzzles are creative activities that let children use their minds. John Spilsbury made the first jigsaw puzzle in 1760. Spilsbury was a British engraver and mapmaker. He mounted a map on a sheet of wood. […]