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Child Development

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Picking out gifts for your children can be a real task, but picking out gifts for someone else’s children can be downright tricky. How do you know what they already have? What they like? This […]

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Activities for Kids

Pretend Play in the Classroom

Pretend play brings out the creativity in children while encouraging them to invent their own ideas and learning cooperative play. Teachers love to see their students engaging in this kind of play because it makes the day go smoother. Having the right items in your school room encourage dramatic play at school. […]

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Featured Products

Too Many Toys? Free Up Space

As your kids get older you may find yourself being constantly bombarded with new toys, games, and other necessities to put away. And while your child’s collection of fun things may continue to get bigger, […]

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Kids Waiting Room Ideas

A Trip to the Doctor Can be Fun!

The holiday season is here. Time for new toys, good food, and no school (we actually love school but the kids aren’t always aboard with that sentiment)! Unfortunately, the winter holidays also coincide with cold […]

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Fun Uses for Personalized Toys and Accessories

You know your kids love seeing their names displayed proudly on their favorite things, but there are also lots of fun and practical uses for personalized toys and accessories. Not only will your child feel special and more in control of his own belongings, but you can also use personalization to avoid conflict between children and to enforce non-confrontational discipline strategies. […]

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Classroom Management

Classroom Storage: Making Learning Fun

An organized classroom is a fun and efficient classroom. To maximize daily schedules, teachers need to organize their materials for easier reference so they can separate materials they use everyday from materials periodically. […]