Activities for families

Celebrating New Years Eve With Family

New Year’s Eve festivities are often adult-centered occasions, but kids are eager about the big night also. And since babysitters are hard to find and restaurant prices are excessive and offer bad service on December 31, […]

Child Development

Does Using Bad Words Hurt Children?

photo credit: Most parents attempt to guard their children from being exposed to cursing, and children are often disciplined or admonished if they are caught using swear words. The federal government looks to shelter kids from being […]

Activities for Kids

Trending in Toys: STEM Toys for Girls

photo credit: This holiday season has caused an abundance of new STEM toys to be on the market that specifically target girls. While there have been dolls in the past that highlight female scientists, the […]

Teacher's Corner

Teach Respect for Diversity During the Holidays

photo credit: December is a wonderful time of years for countless Americans.  This is not only for people who celebrate Christmas.  It’s for Buddhists who observe Bodhi Day, Jewish people who celebrate Hanukkah, African Americans […]

Activities for Kids

STEM Education Toys

Everyone knows that educational toys help in a child’s development, but did you know they are also a lot of fun and can actually encourage learning?  Stem toys help to develop skills in science, technology, […]