A School is an Ecosystem
Classroom Management

Your School is an Ecosystem

The plants and animals that are found in a particular area interacting with each other are called an ecosystem.  If we believe that a school is an ecosystem, then we are aware of how we must care […]

Techniques to Increase Focused Attention
Classroom Management

Tips and Techniques to Increase Focus

photo by: edutopia.org It’s so important to practice techniques to increase focus.  Depending on age, we have a limited quantity of time to pay attention and listen carefully to instruction.  There is n question that […]

Get Students Engaged
Classroom Management

How to Increase Classroom Participation

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I increase classroom participation”,  illustrated here is a simple and straightforward how-to guide that will get your students to open up and participate in more substantial give-and-take discussions.  It’s […]

Coding Influences and Transforms Lives
Kids & Technology

Learning Coding can Transform Lives

How can coding be useful in supporting students’ understanding of math concepts? There is a great overlap in the skills required to solve math problems and code, such as perseverance, critical thinking, and intense problem […]

Technology and Literacy
Kids & Technology

Technology and Literacy Go Together

As a language arts teacher to technology-savvy students, author Frank Ward is very familiar with the challenges involved in finding technology that truly advances the teaching of reading and writing skills.  He suggests avoiding using tools […]