Your School Newsletter
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How to Create a School Newsletter

A school newsletter needs to be a combination of informative, concise, and entertaining journalism.  After all, what good is a smart, well written newsletter if it ends up in the waste paper bin? This guide […]

Don't Let Teaching Get You Down
Classroom Management

Get Excited About Teaching Again!

How can we get teachers excited about teaching again?  Vicki Davis laments the fact that, according to a recent Gallup poll, sixty-nine percent of teachers don’t feel engaged in their work.  And in particular, they […]

How Warm and Welcoming is your School Culture?
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How School Culture Influences Parents

Every teacher knows that it can be difficult to include and connect with parents, but feeling welcomed and appreciated in their children’s school is one of the most important things for parents. Engaging with parents as […]

Ways to Nurture a Love for Reading in Kids
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Encourage a Love of Reading

Instilling a love of reading is the foundation that learning is built upon.  This article covers some basic ideas that can help to create a love of reading in a child.  It was written by a school […]

Health Officials Place Visitor Restrictions due to Increase in Influenza
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Health Officials Enforce Visitor Restrictions

Due to a significant increase in the number of Influenza type-A cases at the Health Sciences Centre Children’s Hospital, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has instituted several new restrictions for visitors to the hospital. Many […]

Classroom Management Strategies
Classroom Management

Classroom Management Tips

One of the biggest challenges for al teachers, and first-year teachers in particular, is how to handle their classroom management.  There are a variety of classroom management tips and tricks, and it’’s up to each […]