Celebrating New Years Eve With Family

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New Year’s Eve festivities are often adult-centered occasions, but kids are eager about the big night also. And since babysitters are hard to find and restaurant prices are excessive and offer bad service on December 31, it seems more logical to party with the kids. You can have lots of fun hanging out at home celebrating new year’s eve with family.

Do you have to stay up to midnight with the kids to celebrate new year’s eve?

Most kids can’t or shouldn’t stay up in anticipation of midnight, so a great idea is to count down until the “noon year.” Take out the noisemakers, pots and pans, pour a sparkling water toast, and count down to the stroke of 12 p.m. on December 31 or choose a time that works.  Afterall, it’s always midnight somewhere in the world.  You can set clocks around the house to ring in the New

Don’t forget the party supplies and make some noise!  Preparing for the party is a big part of the fun, so get kids on-board with making celebratory decorations and silly hats.  Kids can make their own noisemakers simply by pouring rice or uncooked beans into plastic water bottles and covering the bottles with colored paper, glitter and other decorations. Don’t have any empty water bottles? Make a joyful noise by banging pots and pans together when the clock strikes 12.

Devote time in the evening into making a family time capsule with keepsakes from special occasions. Fill a shoebox or canister with mementoes such as photos, awards, artwork, and written memories of the best moments of the year. You can also keep the recollections in a family scrapbook. And don’t forget about the resolutions.  You can encourage healthy eating, exercising, getting along with each other and more as suggestions for family goals.

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