Teaching Children about Love on Valentine's Day

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Have you thought teaching children about love on Valentine’s Day? It’s tempting to give children treats on Valentine’s Day, frequently at the expense of simple acts of love and kindness.  However, everyone knows that communicating the significance of love and expressing kindness is far more treasured than anything you can buy.

What can you teach kids about Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, much like Halloween, is a holiday that kids love, primarily for the candy. However, there are many small but meaningful ways to express love on Valentine’s Day. A simple note hidden away for your valentine to discover later in the day reminds kids that you are thinking about them all the time, even when they’re not with you. Make sure to make an effort to spend quality time with kids, talking, dreaming, rejoicing in their efforts rather than what was accomplished, and make sure you are being a good role model for teaching love and kindness for everyone.

Another way to make a valentine connection is to create something with your kids for the special day.  Nothing too complicated.  It could be a poem, story, drawing, or even a meal. Valentine’s Day is a day where people show how they feel about each another. Whether it be friends, a spouse or your kids, it’s a day full of love.  I hope that everyone gets a chance to share their love and kindness today, either because it’s Valentine’s Day or just because it’s another Tuesday.

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