41 Family Rituals That Teach Responsibility, Kindness, and Compassion

While your children are still young is the best time to create bonding time with rituals that are designed not just to keep families close, but to foster those qualities that parents want to instill in their children. Responsibility shouldn’t be a drag. Make it a fun family ritual instead. Have everyone get together for things like setting the table, making meals and cleaning the house. Even the smallest child can have an important and significant job to do that will give her a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of being an important part of the process. Everyone wants to instill compassion in their kids. Try volunteering and having them report on their acts of kindness. Meditate and send out loving messages of good expectations for your loved ones. Keep the family connection, the positive vibes and the sense of being a part of a loving unit alive and well with activities like a “cuddle time,” song and story time, favorite meal days, sharing times and loving goodnight messages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Foster a sense of responsibility by having everyone participate as a group in house-cleaning chores and meal preparation.
  • Encourage volunteer activities and have kids share their acts of kindness to help instill compassion.
  • Build strong family bonds with activities such as singing favorite songs and reading favorite stories together.

“This one-minute ritual brightens our moods, strengthens our bond, and even makes my daughter look forward to bath time each evening.”

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