5 Energy Busting Games and Activities That Foster Sibling Bond

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Our siblings are one of life’s greatest joys. They are there for us through thick and thin, from the day we are born. We spend our childhood, our adolescence, and our adulthood with them. They are our first real friends and relations. Let us check out some of the really great activities that help foster a deep and lifelong bond amongst siblings:

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1.     Surprise Each Other

You can start this one with the “Guess what I have in my hand” type of question. Show them your closed fists and ask them to select one. When they pry your hand open, you can say. “It’s a hug” and hugs them. Alternatively, you can say its tickles and tickle them till they are shaking with laughter. Do it right the first few times and you will be guaranteed a few giggles. You can create a variation by saying it is a chase and play tag with your siblings all over the house.

  1. Become a Copycat

Both young and old siblings will simply love this energy-bursting but simple and silly game.  It is an extremely easy game to play. All of you should get together and play tag till someone becomes ‘it.’ On the other hand, it may be the first person that goes right ahead and does something silly. It can be anything wild and crazy, such as doing a dozen pushups or cartwheels or even standing on one’s hands! Then that person will ask everyone “Can you try and do that? I dare and double dare you?” Everyone will have to try their level best to copy the person. It will help your whole family to tune into each other and see what they are doing. This will foster an element of closeness for everyone.

  1. Create a workout routine

Another activity that would create a strong bond between siblings would be working out together. The best thing to do would be to create a workout routine, exercises you would be doing together every day, at the same time. It can be whatever that you enjoy, let it be walking, running, push-ups, jumping rope, anything you like!

Of course, for such an exercise you would have to be well equipped. You do not want to get hurt or get any dislocated arm or knee by performing exercises badly. The right workout equipment will help you avoid any of that.

  1. The Lava Game

This is a fun active game where you can get at least 2 (or more) siblings involved. The rules are simple. Your kids should jump from one couch to another couch without ever touching the floor (make sure you do this in a carpeted room). All of the players will have to keep moving simultaneously. They should be equipped with pillows of their own that they would use to disbalance the other person so that they fall off the pillows onto the floor where they would melt (the floor is lava after all). The last person left standing would be the winner. You should give him or her chocolate and start all over again, till everyone is a winner! You can make several interesting variations of the game by pretending the cushions are small boats and the floor is the sea full of sharks trying to disbalance everyone and eat them. You can pretend to be the shark yourself!

  1. Hide and Seek

This game is as old as time itself. Indeed children’s footprints and other evidence have been found in Neanderthal caves dating as far back as 48,000BC! The rules are simple. One person is ‘it’ and he has to catch the others who have hidden. The last person to get caught wins the game and the first person to be seen becomes the new ‘it.’ This game has many variations and can be played both indoors and outdoors. In fact, in just about every place that has a few decent hiding places.

  1. Electric Bike Races

Biking is another fun activity that everyone can participate in. There was a time when regular bikes were all the rage and every kid on the block just had to have one. But that was then and this is now and it is more fun if you abandon your traditional bike and instead use electric ones, together with your sibling/s. Motorized bicycles are loads of fun and you can charge them and race away to your heart’s content. You can also play many games on your bikes such as bike basketball, for instance. Best of all, you don’t have to get all hot and bothered paddling around. Just charge it and it is good to go!

  • Conclusion

Siblings can have loads of fun with each other and play games that will foster their bonds. From riding folding e-bikes to playing hide and seek there are many activities to enjoy with your brothers, sisters, and other family members.

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