5 Tips on How to Make Your Child as Comfy as Possible During Car Rides

5 Tips on How to Make Your Child as Comfy as Possible During Car Rides
5 Tips on How to Make Your Child as Comfy as Possible During Car Rides

Are you going on a car ride soon? Are you going with your child? Embarking on a journey with a child can be both exciting and stressful all at the same time. Car trips can be an exciting adventure; seeing the local scenery or travelling somewhere new. Unfortunately this can sometimes be an unsettling experience for your child which may cause restlessness, or worse, tantrums. 

Luckily, the latter doesn’t have to happen all the time. If you know how to make the car ride comfortable and relaxing for your child, you might have the most enjoyable car ride with a child you’ll ever experience. But how do you exactly do that? Here are some tips. 

Install Car Seats 

The first thing you should consider when making a car ride as comfortable as ever is installing a toddler car seat. A booster seat and a convertible seat are custom car seats for your child to keep them comfy and safe throughout the journey. Any child must be safe and secure in an Australian standard approved car seat by law. 

If you’re wondering if your child is still suitable for a car seat, then you should know that car seats are most commonly used for children 12 years old and below. However, some people prefer convertible seats more. That said, if you’re looking for convertible seats yourself, there are a large number of them that you can buy from almost anywhere in Australia, both from physical stores and online. 

When purchasing a car seat, ensure you look for reputable shops, like Mothers Choice Australia. They offer a large range of choices when it comes to toddler seats that ensure maximum comfort during long car rides. 

Drive at Night 

The last thing we want is a hyperactive child moving around the back while we’re driving. It’s annoying, distracting, and very noisy, and you can’t focus while driving. And, of course, as we know, the focus is a very important thing to have in your drive since an accident is bound to happen without it. So how do you focus during your journey with a child in the back? It’s simple; drive during the night. 

Sounds rough? It is, but if you want to spend a sleepless night in exchange for a peaceful and fast ride, you might want to try this out. Of course, it’s not encouraged since sleeplessness and driving don’t make a good combo.  

However, if your destination is only a few hours away and your child is already sleeping, you might as well go beyond your sleep time and finish the drive. Just make sure you were well-rested the day before and drank coffee or anything to keep yourself awake. 

Let Your Kids Move Once in a While 

Sitting is hard for everyone, especially kids with their boundless energy levels. No matter how much you tell them that you can arrive at your destination without stopping, they will translate their impatience and urge to move into something more annoying. And while it’s very tempting to finish the journey in just one long ride, you have to have a couple of stops for the kids. 

While you’re still planning your itinerary, you should take note of the playgrounds, parks, or roadside attractions you will pass by along the way. These places are great if you want your kids to tire themselves out so you can finish the ride in peace. Think of it as a small sacrifice of your time to have a more peaceful and longer journey. 

Stock Up On Healthy Snacks 

If you think unreleased energy on hyperactive kids is annoying, wait until you see them hungry. It’s going to be hell but not if you’re prepared for it. You might want to bring some little food that your kids can snack on while on the journey. Of course, if you also want them to stay healthy, you can bring healthy snacks like raw carrots, celery, or cereal bars.  

One thing you have to avoid is sugar, as it will only make them more hyper after their snack time. If you want to be fancy, you could also pack some fruits, like apples, mangoes, oranges, grapes, or even strawberries. 

Play Soothing Music 

If your child loves to listen to music, especially classical ones, you can use this to your advantage. Children’s senses are keener to perceive through their senses, including their sense of hearing. When you play soothing music, they will only relax and focus on the music. It could also potentially make them fall asleep. 

Final Words 

Car rides with children can be hellish or relaxing, depending on how you prepare for them. That said, if you follow our tips above, you might have a long, relaxing car ride that you can finish with no problem. Or, you know, just being able to drive in peace without a child raging beside you. 

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