5 Unexpected Benefits of Allowing Children to Watch TV

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Generally speaking, the notion of children watching television is heavily criticized and frowned upon in society. However, research indicates that under the proper parameters, watching television can be of benefit to a child in a variety of ways. Below will outline 5 unexpected benefits of allowing children to watch TV.
1. TV can help kids learn about a variety of different subjects.
Most children’s programming provide several shows kids can watch while learning about the world such as Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, and several others. The Discovery Channel and the History Channel allow a child to experience places and time periods in ways books cannot. Shows about nature can stimulate a child’s mind to pursue further study or at least gain an appreciation on the matter. 
2. TV can provide families the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together. 

Amidst fast paced world and hectic schedules, family time can become a rare commodity not experienced by many families. Fortunately, watching television provides an environment where families can sit back and relax while watching a favorite show and then having the option discussing it together later. This kind of time where the kids are not fighting but are instead mentally engaged can be refreshing.
3. Watching TV can expose kids to other cultures. 

Several TV channels have programs solely dedicated to different cultures around the globe, and most children’s programs will do segments celebrating this diversity. Watching television can allow one’s child to see how kids live on the other side of the world. This can be a fun learning experience for any child!
4. Good role models can inspire and be a positive example to children.

Actors, musicians, and other famous people on television have great influence over what children wear, think, do. By allowing a child to observe good role models, you can enable you child to desire to impact others in a positive manner.
5. TV can be used as a tool to help parents teach kids how to utilize critical thinking skills.

The media today can twist and distort news to fit a presuppositions and biases. This presents an ideal opportunity for parents to teach kids not to accept everything at face value. Many people exhibit poor critical thinking skills due to not developing these skills as a child. 
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