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Edutopia invited its readers to share photos of their flexible classrooms. While some people doubt that flexible seating works in small spaces, others proved that is not necessarily the case. Some teachers used flexible seating in classrooms as small as 432 square feet. Classrooms were usually funded through creative ways. Some teachers had family and friends help out by donating their unused items, and then they scoured for deals at garage sales and thrift shops. Some people even used crowdfunding websites to help purchase items for their classroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • The response to flexible seating was mixed. Some teachers thought it would work in their classrooms while others thought otherwise.
  • While most teachers have dropped seating charts, they tend to devote more time to modeling appropriate classroom behaviors.
  • Teacher Benita Kay Moyers who teaches kindergarten states that she doesn?t have a particular seat-choosing system but models the use of the chairs during the school year.

“We sifted through the submissions, identified educators with outstanding flexible classrooms from kindergarten through eighth grade, and asked for tips, classroom features, and plenty of visuals.”

Read more: https://www.edutopia.org/article/7-outstanding-k-8-flexible-classrooms

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