8 Resources for Teachers to Make April Fool’s Day Fun

april fools day in the classroom
Photo Credit: Edutopia.org

Looking for an easy way to make April Fool’s Day fun in your classroom? Take a look at these 8 resources for teachers offered in this jam-packed Edutopia article . It begins with many suggestions about how to introduce humor on April Fool’s day and includes an intense memory of a prank the author experienced while in the fourth grade.

Additionally, the article mentions that there are many pranks ideas available in the Museum of Hoaxes, CNN or Library of Congress. These can be powerful motivation tools for students, and it really gets their attention.

The MiddleWeb Resource Roundup site is an example of one of the many suggestions for general humor-based lesson plans. The article is full of links to resources, ideas, and solutions for the classroom. There is a plethora of sources featuring helpful plans to bring comedy into the classroom.

There is a ton of valuable information and varying concepts for integrating humor into many different topics in the classroom.  Research clearly supports using comedy in the classroom as an attractive tool. However, some time for teachers it can be difficult to bring a little lightheartedness into their lessons. Here they will find many pointers, and plans for charming students with a sense of humor while still maintaining order in the class.

Read the original article here:
April Fool’s Day in the Classroom: 8 Resources for Teachers

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