9 Skills Students Need in the Future Workforce

Our professional world is constantly evolving, and it is substantially important that students have the ability to adapt to each change that will be presented in the workforce. One of the main skills that students need to become well-versed in is digital knowledge. Digital automation is highly prevalent in today’s world, and future employees will need to know how to adapt accordingly. Since many companies are beginning to do business globally, having access to global citizenship is also another important trait to obtain before entering a new professional position.

Key Takeaways:

  • While some of the digital literacy skills critical to the jobs of tomorrow come naturally through habitual use of technology, others must be taught like any other academic subject.
  • The jobs of the future will increasingly require cognitive habits such as curiosity, intellectual flexibility and effective analysis of information.
  • Students need to learn emotional intelligence and empathy in order to interact positively with others and build fulfilling relationships across all parts of their lives.

“There are lots of factors that contribute to this unemployment, including changes in the economy and shifts in the types of jobs needed to support the economy.”

Read more: https://teach.com/blog/9-skills-students-need-in-the-future-workforce/

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