A-B-C’s of Fun Learning

As parents, you naturally want the best for your children and that includes education. While watching your toddler you may think it’s too soon to be thinking about their education. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Keep in mind that they are literally like sponges, watching and absorbing everything around them. Obviously, they take their cues from parents and caregivers, their role models. It is never too soon to set examples or begin to expand their horizons. Take the time to really be a teacher, role model and parent to your child. Show them the benefits of being curious about things and of learning everything you can about them.

Not all of this learning and education pertains to actual scholarly knowledge; it may be about animals, people or anything else that interests them. However, this does not mean that formal education should take a backseat to everything else and it is important to make that a part of your teaching also.

Of course, not all children learn at the same rate as their peers, but there are some things that you can watch for to make sure they are getting what they need. Watch for signs that they are not really understanding what is being taught. Sometimes this is shown in their frustration of the subject.

A great tool for encouraging learning while still being fun is the ABC Chalk Talk, a winner of the Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year. This amazing toy is an interactive touch pad with over 30 sensors to help teach kids the alphabet, phonics, colors and numbers. With five fun activity modes and many levels of play it keeps children motivated to learn. Who says learning isn’t fun?

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