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Paul Newman had a striking idea that kids living with serious health problems should be given the opportunity to live just as kids – and not in the shadow of their illness. Out of his vision, a camp called SeriousFun was born. This program allows kids to have the summer camp experience while not forsaking the medical care they need. Having access to a summer camp program has enriched and improved the lives of most of the children who attend.

Key Takeaways:

  • Children living with serious illnesses need to be able to connect with similar people like them. This camp is great for making friends.
  • Sometimes confidence suffers with ill children. This camp has an almost 80% rate of parents reporting greater confidence of their kids.
  • Close to three hundred thousand volunteers have contributed towards SeriousFun because they believe the cause is doing real good.

“We provide children living with serious illnesses with a spectacular camp experience and high-quality medical care, all in the safest and most supportive environment.”

Read more: https://seriousfun.org/