A Little Vanity Can’t Hurt


Raising a child, especially in this day and age, is never an easy task. First time parents are naturally a little less sure of themselves then some of the “seasoned pros”. Many times quite a bit of trial and error is involved and even then you may not be sure that you did the right thing.

Obviously parents and caregivers make mistakes, although I tend to think some our parents would never admit to that, it is still a fact. And at the risk of sounding very sexist, girls can be harder to raise than boys. Ok, that said, perhaps a little elaboration is in order.

First it is believed that girls mature quicker than boys, so it stands to reason that they will test the waters concerning independence, etc. at a quicker pace than boys. And we know that peer pressure for both sexes starts at a very young age, but in girls at times that tends to lean more towards being self-centered or self-involved. That can be very hard for a parent, not to mention anyone else in the family, to handle. At times, all kids considered themselves more grown-up than they actually are, but with girls in particular in can happen much sooner and a lot more frequently.

Girl’s Vanity and Stool Sets

As a caregiver you do want to encourage independence, but you also don’t want it to completely consume your child. You might consider a small compromise or two as a way to satisfy you both, For example, your daughter thinks her room is far too childish for her now, but some of her ideas of change may seem more appropriate for a young (or maybe not so young) adult woman living on her own. If you state this outright you are liable to create another world war, or a case of hysterics at the very least. Take a simple furnishing such as a vanity, while most often they are seen in an older girls room there are some that are completely fine to have for a younger girl. One example of this is the Bouquet Vanity Table, its simple style is perfect for a girl that wants to be “grown up”.

Be sure to tell your daughter that a vanity is something very special, dating back to even the medieval times where a lady would await the return of her prince. Well, ok, maybe not quite like that but you get the idea.

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