A New “Spin” on Arts and Crafts: The Chalk Spinner

Children and arts and crafts go together naturally, with no prompting necessary from parents or teachers. At a certain age kids are prone to pick up any pen, pencil, or crayon they find; and start scribbling on any flat surface within reach. This natural inclination toward creativity is good. The mess that markers and crayons can leave behind…not so much.
Fortunately, it is possible to encourage your child’s creativity and love of art without constantly picking up paper and shavings or cleaning his “artwork” from the walls.
The innovators at Kodo Kids have created The Chalk Spinner, a new “spin” on the sidewalk chalk you may remember as a kid, only with a little extra twist.
Not only does the chalk spinner have multiple benefits for your child, you will love it equally as much!
Kids love it…
You know your children or students will love using the multi-colored chalks to draw and color brilliant works of art, but did you know that drawing offers them more than just a quite pastime. The creative thinking involved in participating in the arts encourages overall brain development and function, fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. Now, with the chalk spinner, there is even more reason to create. The unique cylindrical shape provides fun new angles to explore, along with more drawing space; so his friends can play too.
When used in a classroom setting, the chalk spinner encourages the concepts of working together and taking turns. Because more than one child can play, kids are introduced with the task of dividing up equal spaces to draw for each classmate, or working with one another to create one larger masterpiece to share. It also provides a fun and interesting option for spelling new words and math lessons that will be much more interesting than pencil and paper. Best of all, it helps save paper—a must for schools and homes that are conserving funds and the environment.
Parents and Teachers Welcome it…
Because the chalk spinner uses chalk instead of ink or oils, you never have to worry about damaged walls or furniture. Your child’s markings wipe away easily and painlessly: although your child will be having so much fun using the spinner he’ll find your walls and refrigerator much less entertaining.
The chalk spinner is also a saving grace on rainy days inside, with three models to choose from to fit any home or classroom setting. The table top spinner keeps the fun at the kitchen or play table- and children happily entertained for hours, while the “tubby spin” is ideal for large families and classrooms because it allows up to six children to play at once. The skinny version is portable, so it can go from room to room or child to child with ease; and then be tucked neatly away when not in use.
The Tubby Spin table top version is perfect for both home and school, and comes with two boxes of dust free chalk and one towel for easy cleanup.
The Skinny Spin features a convenient toddler accessible center chalk storage and can accommodate up to three children at once, making it ideal for preschools and daycares. It comes with three boxes of dust free chalk and two towels.
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