Sensory Activities for Kids who need to move by Inspired Treehouse

Contemporary wisdom in child rearing has led to the avoidance of certain activities, particularly in the school environment. Dodgeball is, in many states, a fond childhood artifact gone the way of the dodo. Children who seem unable to avoid engaging in physical activities are described as ‘wild’ or ‘rough’, and while it is important that children learn the boundaries of what is and isn’t socially acceptable, Claire Heffron of the Inspired Treehouse argues rough play isn’t all bad.

Children are undergoing a period of rapid developmental changes; and some amount of rough play is valuable in order to ensure proper development of proprioception in adulthood. Keeping an active child busy can be quite a task. At SensoryEdge we agree and had created a list of fun activities for kids to do to get their energy out but then we found this similar list on Inspired Treehouse. So we don’t duplicate the same suggestions here is a link to their article with resources for 20 different activities that will help channel the energy of  kids who need this type of play into more productive outlets; like obstacle courses or resistance band pulls. Keeping kids busy with these types of activities will save your sanity and your furniture!

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