Activities for Kids: Using the Balance Beam

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If you thought that balance beams were only for gymnasts and circus performers, then this awesome how-to from Lauren Drobnjak will make you think again!  Lauren describes how balancing activities are beneficial to physical and mental development.

An additional advantage is that  you don’t have to purchase any expensive equipment to have your very own balance beam.  Balance beams can be made from objects found around the house, and the possibilities for activities using them are endless.

Do you need new ideas for fun activities for kids?

It’s easy to be creative when coming up with balance beam activities.  They can be used to focus on activities that teach number recognition and sequencing.  And balance beams can be useful in activities from something as simple as going forward or backwards to something more advanced such as learning sight words.

This article provides suggestions about how to come up with fresh and new activities utilizing a balance beam.   Is it time for you to make your kids a balance beam?

For a more in-depth understanding about the benefits of using a balance beam, see the full article at:  BALANCE BEAM ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: MOVEMENT AND LEARNING!