An Indoor Sandbox?

Yep, you read that one right. An indoor sandbox will be a great toy to keep your kids entertained on those days it’s just too yucky to go outside and play. This is also a fun toy for waiting rooms or if you own a child care facility – all of these are great reasons to incorporate this fun toy.

The Happy Trails Sand Table is made by Educo and the design of this fun sandbox has been extremely well thought out. The sandbox is entirely sealed inside of a solid wooden table and there is a clear acrylic top that the kids can look down and see the sand with both vehicles and creatures inside. The vehicles and creatures are magnetic and using the magnetic hand pieces that are attached to the bottom of the sandbox, they can move the vehicles and creates all over the place inside the enclosed area of the sandbox.

Kids can have races, make designs and even arrange the pieces in shapes and forms. One to four children can play with this interesting toy at once and for added stability, the table has steel legs that can be bolts to the floor. No worrying about the magnetic pieces getting lost or being a hazard, they are firmly enclosed within the box.

This is a fun and safe toy that will deliver hours of fun for kids. If you have a group of kids that you keep as a day care or you have a waiting room where kids need to be kept busy, this is a fabulous way to do it!

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