Art Easels bring out the creative side in your students

Teachers are charged not only with helping students achieve academic goals and milestones, but also with giving students a creative way to express themselves. Art brings out the best in students and allows teachers to see the talents and personality of each student. 
painting easel
Because of this, teachers love having easels in the classroom. Easels Make Great Art Centers Having an art center is an important aspect of a classroom. Students can express themselves in a way that is all their own. Along with easels, art centers can include paper, paints, paintbrushes, crayons, makers, or colored pencils. Teachers can assign an art project to reinforce a lesson or theme. Or a teacher can assign “free” drawing time. When a student is finished the teacher can discuss the drawing with them or allow them to present it to the class. 

Easels are a fun way for students to take pride in their work. Easels Work In Any Size Classroom Many people think of an easel in the traditional way: a one sided work surface that displays artwork. Well, easels have come a long way. Easels come in many different sizes and allow single or multiple students to work. Easels such as the 2 Station Child’s Easel allows two students to work at once. 

The 4 Station Space Saver Easel allows four students to work at once. Both have plenty of storage space for each student’s supplies. Easels Work for Any Size Student Many of the best easels are adjustable. This allows students who are younger to work on the same easel as older students. It also allows for special needs students who may need to sit or may be in a wheelchair to be able to work at an easel. 
3 way adjustable easel
The 3 Way Adjustable Easel adjusts from 36” to over 46” to accommodate any size student. Adjustable easels are a great money saving option for schools where many students will share the same easels. 

Easels Allows for Many Different Types of Activities Easels are not just for painting. Though painting is an option, easels are very versatile when it comes to the type of art work and activities that can be done. Many easels come equipped with space for multiple tasks. For example, the KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel comes with a paper dispenser for painting or drawing, a whiteboard, and a chalkboard. These types of easels give students a way to express their inner artist in different ways. 

Some easels provide a magnetic whiteboard which allows students to play with magnetic letters, magnetic word strips, or magnetic numbers to help reinforce lessons. This is a great way for students who need a little extra practice to be able to practice in a different way. Classroom art areas are always one of the most popular spots in a room. Students love and need the opportunity to express themselves in a creative, artistic way. Easels are an ideal way to bring out the artist in every student.

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