Attention Parents of Kids with Autism: Take Care of Your Own Needs First

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Autism spectrum disorder (or ASD) refers to a set of related conditions that influence a child’s social collaboration, communication, and conduct. It causes children to experience the world in different ways. It often causes children to have sensory issues and at times behavioral issues as well.  Kids with autism can struggle with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.  Autism tends to emerge in early childhood and continues throughout life.

Research indicates that early diagnosis and intervention can make a significant difference   The earlier the diagnosis is made, the sooner the child can get help through different types of therapy.

Have you heard of the saying, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping your children”?

Parents of kids with autism experience their own unique sets of challenges. Raising a child with autism can be demanding, especially when other people are not understanding of what they’re going through.  Parents often neglect their own needs, which ultimately effects their mental and physical health. They also face feelings of loss, frustration and anger. It is vital that parents take care of their own needs as well as those of their child.

Parents often worry about their child’s future and what it will look like.  And then they can feel completely overwhelmed, guilty, frustrated, or depressed.  The guilt can make parents feel like it’s their fault that their child is suffering.  And while negative emotions are expected, parents just need to keep things in perspective and stay away from self-blame.  It’s critical that parents are reminded that kids with autism can live a happy life.  It just might look a little different.

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