June 18, 2024

Augmented Reality (AR) and Student Learning

Exciting Apps for Student Learning
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Augmented Reality (AR) and Student Learning AppsAugmented Reality (AR) and student learning are about to collide.  Although it hasn’t been taken seriously in the past, augmented reality can actually assist in a variety of functions in your classroom, even with traditional learning.

This innovative tool offers students a chance to work with any subject matter utilizing the latest techniques available.  The following are just some of the different types of applications that are being released.

Are you of the opinion that augmented reality (AR) is just a gimmick with no educational value?

Quiver is a sort of interactive coloring book.  These pages stand out on the page and allow kids to rotate a globe in the air.  Basically, it allows kids to work with 3D characters.

Then you have Elements 4D which allows you to blend elements together and see live chemistry.  Blocks can be printed and put together.  Blippar acts like an interactive brain map app that has been integrated with a variety of educational events.  It can bring two-dimensional images to life and change a child’s reading experience.

Augmented reality captures students’ interest, but you need to make sure that in addition, it will maintain significant learning.  When you decide to bring augmented reality into your classroom, be certain that you are placing the emphasis on learning.  Make sure that the activities you’re presenting are related to your learning goals.

It’s very important that you’ve used the technology prior to presenting it to your students so you are familiar with it.  Augmented reality is excellent at making learning fun as well as invigorating and strengthening daily class instruction.

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