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Paul Newman had a striking idea that kids living with serious health problems should be given the opportunity to live just as kids – and not in the shadow of their illness. Out of his vision, a camp called SeriousFun was born. This program allows kids to have the summer camp experience while not forsaking the medical care they need. Having access to a summer camp program has enriched and improved the lives of most of the children who attend. Key Takeaways: Children living with serious illnesses need to be able to connect with similar people like them. This...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Helping Kids Get Used to Masks

It can be scary getting kids used to seeing people wearing masks and to get them to want to wear one as well. The younger the child is, the more afraid your child might be. Encourage them to open up about any questions that they may have and keep communication open about it. You can also help them decorate their masks to help them get used to the idea. They may even have fun being creative with their masks. Key Takeaways: For kids, it can be strange and scary at the same time seeing people wearing masks, you can...

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Financial Planning for Children With Disabilities –

When it comes to planning financially for children with disabilities, it’s usually difficult as most parents don’t know their children are going to be disabled until birth. Most parents are recommended to get life insurance which includes long-term disability group insurance so that their children will be taken care of in case of an accident. During your child’s adolescence there are tax breaks that help with regards to funds for the disabled. Most public education states stop allowing disabled children into school at the age of 22. After that age, disabled individuals have access to federal assistance programs like...

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5 Ways to Wire Your Kid’s Brain for Happiness

There are quite a few things that we can do to help rewire a child’s brain to make them more receptive to happiness. First, show them how to label their emotions so that they become comfortable experience and also talking about whatever types of feelings they are having. Encourage them to show gratitude as the act of gratitude literally rewires the brain according to science. It also will put them in a more positive mindset. Finally, teach your children to take responsibility for their actions but also give them space to make mistakes. All children are going to make...

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5 Learning Strategies That Make Students Curious

There are quite a few different learning strategies that can make students curious and therefore want to learn more. One simple way is to ask questions that have never been fully answered as it will allow students to get their creative juices flowing and try to answer it. Creating learning games is a great way to get students to have fun while also gaining knowledge. Finally, use different and unpredictable content as this will lead to more engaged students, especially if the content they are learning is interactive. Key Takeaways: Revisit old questions that were never completely answered, or...

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