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Three Things We Learned at Khan Academy Over the Last Decade

Sal Khan founded Khan Academy in 2008 and then launched the Khan Lab School in 2014. He values teachers and believes that they should seek the best ways to help students before turning to technology. Many students’ academic struggles are due to knowledge gaps. It is possible to deliver lessons that are at the student’s grade level, yet also are individualized according to that child’s level of development. Public schools have made a lot of progress over the last decade and Khan Academy will continue to support them. Key Takeaways: Even with the many advancements in technology, teachers are...

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5 Simple Exercises to Build Mental Strength as a Family

Mental strength in a family can be achieved using five key methods. First, time should be purposely set aside for the family to be together. Second, family members should communicate using “I” statements, meaning that the pronoun “I” is used as opposed to the pronoun “you.” Third, individuals’ specific needs should be acknowledged. Fourth, errors should be used as opportunities for teaching life lessons. Fifth, as a parent, one should live their lives to be an example of self development to their children. Key Takeaways: Family time should be purposefully set aside and family members should speak in “I”...

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5 Ways to Wire Your Kid’s Brain for Happiness

As a parent, there are five ways to mold their children’s brains to be happy in life. First, one’s children should be taught to put their emotions into words. Second, one’s children should be taught to be grateful and to demonstrate this gratitude. Third, one should use life events as ways to teach their children important life lessons. Fourth, one’s children should be given room in order for them to experience failures and consequently learn from them. Fifth, one’s children should be instructed to be responsible people. Key Takeaways: Children should be taught to be grateful and to put...

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Why Music Education Is More Than Learning How to Play

Music educators state that learning music is about much more than simply learning how to play an instrument. Learning music can help you learn better and get along with others in other domains of your life. Lorrie Murray says that her music program is more of a social development program because of what it helps its’ students achieve outside of just learning music. Lorrie belongs to the Bay Area Music Project organization and they offer opportunities for children to learn music, but she believes that what they learn is applicable in other areas of their lives. Lorrie believes that...

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Do Routines Need To Be Done Perfectly?

Routines in the classroom are important in several ways and should be established as soon as the school year begins. But must these routines be performed to perfection? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that they should be done as they were taught. No in the sense that you may allow some freedom within the routine as you, the teacher, see fit. What if they don’t perform the routine perfectly? Then teach it to them again. Key Takeaways: Elementary teachers should provide detailed modeling so that students can have a proper routine framework. Middle and high school students...

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