Autism and anxiety

Sometimes autism and anxiety go hand in hand and have a relationship with each other. For example, children that have autism tend to experience higher anxiety rates and symptoms compared to their peers. Executive functions also impact how kids can process their anxiety which include things like future planning, organizational skills and emotional responses. Flexibility also tends to be a barrier between kids with autism and kids that are typically developed. This flexibility plays a role with regards to anxiety in those children as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Autism is a mental disorder that overloads the brain with too much stimuli
  • Individuals with autism have brains that don’t function well enough to regulate impulsivity and emotions
  • Caring for an individual with autism requires love, patience and willingness to accommodate a broad range of needs

“At the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, we’ve been researching to discover why this association exists so people with autism can get more specialized, targeted treatment if they need it.”

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