Basketball season is here. Many of your little ones love to shoot hoops in the driveway or enjoy the sport on television. They also love to help you around the house. With this in mind, we are offering our Basketball Theme Wood Step Stool for Children. Children are curious people. They love to help make dinner, or brush their teeth in a big kid way. This high quality step stool is a wonderful way for your child to be helpful and have big kid confidence.

Your child will surely know if the Basketball Theme Wood Step Stool is theirs because it can be personalized. Your child will be able to see their name right on the hardwood top. The wide base on this step stool makes it a sturdy and safe product. Your child’s name can be printed in either blue or red ink.

Step stools are a great way for your children to reach places they couldn’t reach before. Personalized gifts are wonderful ideas for the holidays. We offer a variety of different themed step stools. Stop by today and find the step stool that fits your child’s needs.