Bed tents can change your whole evening routine for the better. Are you tired of the nightly bedtime tug of war; the crocodile tears, drinks of water, and any excuse to get back up? Just the right bed tents can have your children running to bed instead of away from it.
Lady Bug bed tents can turn a dark and scary bedroom into a warm and cozy haven for little girls. These friendly red and black design bed tents look like a giant lady bug and fit right on your daughter’s twin size bed. The mesh wings are actually windows, and these bed tents also have an inside pocket to hold a diary or anything else your little bed bugs want to keep close at hand.
Bed tents can help take the scary element out of going to bed. Once you have your child tucked in, you can leave a night light on as they quietly play themselves to sleep. No more tears and excuses. The right bed tents will be so appealing to your children that they’ll probably volunteer to go to bed early.